I cry sometimes

There are moments when I am stuck in a rut. And every time I find ways to get up again. And these times I am not always a happy person. Yes I cry sometimes.

When in a rut, I try somethings to feel better and be on my feet. So I try drawing,poetry,music,reading and a little dancing. I find in moments of frustration and defeat I become angry. In my mind I keep on telling myself, I need to kick this rut out. So when some of these exercises seem to fail me, I cry.

I am a strong person emotionally and crying was not something I liked. so whenever moments like this happened, I would question myself, thoughts and shame would cross my mind,

“why am I crying? I am being too weak, this is not me. Someone might see me. I need to stop” thoughts crossed my mind in the moment of ‘weakness’. But now I understand what crying is.

I cry sometimes, not because am weak. I am still the brave person who I have always been and who knows challenges come and in these moments we have to find solutions. 

I am not ashamed, I can proudly say, “I cry sometimes.”



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